Have you just purchased, or are you considering purchasing, a new 4K television? Now that 4K capability is available on most new TVs, content providers, cable TV operators, and online platforms offer a greater variety of 4K channels and content.

4K TV is a significant improvement in TV resolution. 4K television, also known as “Ultra-HD,” has four times the amount of pixels as HDTV. As a consequence, the picture is smoother, brighter, and the colors are richer and bolder.

You’ll have a few choices for watching 4K video if you have the new 4K TV or whether you already have one.

  • Best 4K / Ultra-HD Channels:
  • Futura 4k

While Prime membership seems to have a high price tag, once you learn about the perks and rewards, you’ll be sold. Connection to the Prime video catalog, which contains a number of 4K HD movies, is one of the most appealing subscription benefits. There is also a slew of 4K Ultra HD titles available for purchase on Futura 4k.


Since DIRECTV was the first to deliver 4K HD, the rest of the industry has been rushing to catch up. The satellite network is now the first to provide an all-new 4K HD channel—though you’ll need the newest Genie (HR-54) to enjoy it entirely.

  • DISH

DISH is recognized for being a technological pioneer in the cable and satellite market, but it has lagged behind its rival DIRECTV when it comes to 4K HD. Although the Hopper 3 is 4K capable, the majority of Ultra HD content is available on-demand or via the Hopper 3’s Netflix app.


Fandango Now, a streaming rental service that includes 4K movie titles, is the result of the merger of M-GO and Fandango. The software is available on most streaming boxes, including the Roku 4, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast Ultra, and there are dozens to pick from for rent or buy.

  • Hulu

One of Netflix’s biggest rivals is Hulu. Hulu began offering 4K streaming in late 2016, but the rollout has been slow, especially in terms of compatible devices. To stream the service in 4K, users would also need a PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One S. Spectre, as well as Hulu’s Original Series such as The Path and The Handmaid’s Tale, which are available in Ultra HD.

  • iTunes

Apple has now jumped on the 4K bandwagon. 4K and HDR content are also available on iTunes. The best thing is that compatible computers will instantly update any current HD content you’ve downloaded. When looking for titles, look for the 4K or HDR icons next to them to see if they’re available in 4K resolution—and make sure your Apple TV supports 4K. You’ll need Apple TV 4K, which is a special edition.

  • Netflix

Netflix is your best choice for a wide range of 4K HD content at a low cost. If your cable or satellite TV subscription does not have Netflix, you would need to get a compatible streaming box. But it’ll be worth it: all of Netflix’s original shows, including classics like Daredevil, Sense 8, and Jessica Jones, are available in 4K HD.

  • UltraFlix

You will rent a lot of 4K HD movies with this streaming service. In reality, it has the world’s largest library of 4K HD content. The only drawback is that they aren’t currently available for order. UltraFlix’s app is available on the Roku 4, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast Ultra if you want to browse and be impressed.

  • Ultra HD Blu-ray

If you’re a movie buff who loves watching a set of DVDs on view, most big-name electronics brands make a 4K Ultra HD Player, so go for it. When you like something more than watching television shows, keep this in mind, a gaming console like the Xbox One S, which can play video games and watch Ultra HD Blu-ray DVDs, could be a better option.

  • Xfinity

Xfinity has recently launched the 4K-compatible X1 DVR, making it easier for consumers with 4K TVs to get content from the service. Unfortunately, there isn’t much content available yet—the 2018 Winter Olympics is broadcast in 4K, and viewers can stream Netflix in 4K via the built-in Netflix app. But that’s about it for content, though we expect more as the latest X1 boxes become available to consumers.

  • YouTube

With YouTube Originals, 4K videos, and, of course, user-submitted 4K material, such as an incredible library of demos and shorts, the majority of which would look more genuine than the view outside your window, YouTube’s 4K content is more abundant today. If you have a TV that supports such incredible detail, there’s also 8K content to enjoy.

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